Spring Break Essentials and Why We Must Have Them

Spring Break is almost upon us and it is time to get over the dreary winter blues and start thinking of warmer, sunshine-filled days. Many of us travel for spring vacation and hightail it to hot party spots, while some us prefer to stay closer to home and enjoy local warmth or more secluded areas. Whether going to a crowded beach, secluded retreat, or an in-house stay-cation, there are spring break essentials everyone needs.


One of the first things people think of when planning a spring break escapade is swimwear, and we have several swimsuits to choose from, from tasteful to snarky and for all body types.  One of the main rules of planning a trip is realizing that unexpected things happen and often we have to be flexible, go with the flow and remember to relax.  Our Ship Happens One Piece Bathing Suit is one of our favorite pieces at VetterSnark and serves as a gentle reminder that having fun and enjoying our vacation is what is important.


Another important thing is what to wear from the hotel room to the pool or beach, and one of the best cover-ups is a silky, comfortable and classy peignoir. Paired with shorts or a skirt, they dress up swimwear and are perfect for strolling to the beach, lounging by the pool, or wearing to a casual beachside restaurant without having to change clothes. https://vettersnark.com/collections/peignoirs?page=1

Carrying everything to the beach or lake can be a hassle too. You don’t want to forget anything, but don’t want to carry several bags or make several trips either. While a backpack can come in handy, our large totes are big enough to fit a beach towel, bottled water, snacks, foldable hat, sunblock and anything else needed for a day at the beach in one handy bag.  If sand gets on the tote, it brushes off easily and also looks great as an evening accessory.


Speaking of sand and beach towels, a beach blanket is great for spreading out on the sand and staying comfortable while soaking up the sun and keeping sand from sticking to sunblock or working its way into uncomfortable areas.  Plus the beach blankets look cool and better than a basic beach towel, perfect for setting-up your own mermaid domain.


Of course, what would a spring break trip be without the classic flip flop? They slide off easily at airport checkpoints; can serve the dual purpose as a shower shoe, (especially needed at sketchier spring break hotels) and sand rinses easily off of them. There is no need to have a plain boring flip flop when you can have a pair that fits your personality.  https://vettersnark.com/collections/womens-flip-flops?page=4



Comfort is important when traveling and space in the carry-on bag or suitcase is limited, but you might want to wear something dressier than a bathing suit, T-Shirt, and shorts. Our Midi-dresses are casual and comfortable, can be dressed up with jewelry or a nice jacket, and don’t take up much room in a suitcase.  They also make a nice cover-up for establishments that don’t allow eating in swimwear or at nightclubs that have a dress code.https://vettersnark.com/collections/circle-dress/products/tiffany-dress

These are just a few of our Spring Break Essentials, and we hope we have given you some great ideas for Spring Break planning. Enjoy soaking up the sunshine and have a fabulous vacation.

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