Spring Break Essentials and Why We Must Have Them

VetterSnark Logo Red Cardinal Bird possibly what a snark looks like
Spring Break is almost upon us and it is time to get over the dreary winter blues and start thinking of warmer, sunshine-filled days. Many of us t...

Don't Cage Me Into A Category Or A Luncheon With Aunt Ofelia

The other day I visited Aunt Ofelia at the Retirement Home for Active Snark Questers for the monthly luncheon. Aunt Ofelia has a long history of s...

The Legend of the Snark

 Along the banks of the Kings River in Central California, there is a tale of a bird that is so beautiful and so elusive, few have ever seen it. No one has ever captured the bird, but there are a few blurry photos and artist renditions created by those lucky enough to have caught a glimpse of this mysterious bird. It goes by several names among the locals, Snape, Snipe, and the most common, Snark.